Whipper Snappers. A Series of Free Photography Workshops in Blackpool Lancashire aimed at young people.

Supported by Leftcoast

Our Latest Batch of Budding Photographers

I’m so impressed with this great little group of photographers – they took on board all the instructions and information – and produced these fantastic images!

We had pictures taken from every angle, through every gap and round every corner!

A huge well done to Bella Simpson, Bella Stott, Kris, Anthony, Lucy, Grace, Rio and Katie – you’re all superstars!


Bella Simpson

Rio Caminero



Bella Stott








Whipper Snappers at the Mount

The sun shone, the participants checked their cameras and we were ready for a great afternoon of fun photography.

A mixed group of children from 10-16 threw themselves into the activities and, with reference to the worksheets, produced some fantastic shots.  They climbed walls, lay on the ground, knelt down, peered through railings, hid in hedges and jumped off rocks!

The results were impressive – all agreed they had learnt some new skills and used their imaginations to the max.  Their images will be published later today but, meanwhile, here is a record of our fantastic afternoon.


Harriet Shows Double Exposure of Images.

We missed posting Harriet’s images last week. So that is where we will begin today. Last week we were looking at shapes and patterns: in building and the surroundings, in plants and nature.

Harriet has made some great observations of lines, circles and shapes in the environment around her. Using depth of field and space to demonstrate how the camera can capture different view points.

I love this study of a fallen oak tree leaf.

Harriet shows us through her photography the shapes of nature. Delicate and intricate patterns and a amazing capture of a dew drenched spiders web.

But that was the last session. Our most recent session is Styling and dressing up.

Emily, Jill and Rio all looking like they could be extras in Harry Potters prequel. I think Rio’s shot is especially effective – could be a head shot for a pro model agency.

I took this shot to show Harriet perspective and depth of field. We encouraged her to shoot in manual only and got her out of auto. The results are amazing…………………………………………

A spell was cast by Emily and the other Whipper Snappers froze leaves in the air. Not really!!! Of course it is Harriet’s expertise as she freezes time with her camera.

Perfect perspective Harriet!!

and finishing with a beautiful staged shot of our two gorgeous zombie chicks.

Harriet you rock!!!



Bella Makes Magic with her Mum.

It was our final session at Grange Park Children’s Centre and this session always ends up being a favourite as it is a dressing up session and styling. Here is Jill being sneakily snapped by Bella.

There was true magic in the air as Bella photographed herself, although I think her mum, Jayne may of been assisting.

There was smoke and some awesome efforts at make up and costume. I love Georgia and Bella’s magical zombie make up. You can tell it is Autumn as there are leaves everywhere.

I think the first image looks like we could be in band: What could we be called? The Whipper Snappy Dressers? Bella’s imagination carried her to a place where she was possibly in a accident and the car was to blame!! – very filmic. Jill was photographed a lot this last week and her purple hair is so vibrant and eye catching, she makes a awesome model.

Loads of props were incorporated for this session. Lots of leaping and appropriation of other items, hiding behind and on things and plenty of dressing up.

Thanks Bella, you are soooooooooooooo much more  approachable and beautiful then this image. However your make up skills are super awesome!!!



A Lovely Last Session Where We Encounter Zombies and Other Oddites

A great final session at Grange Park.  Zombies, make up and lots of strange disguises…….








_MCB2038 _MCB2048




_MCB1945 _MCB2067 _MCB1989 _MCB2090 _MCB2087 _MCB1970





Images by Jill Reidy of Red Snapper Photography

Rio Shoots Fashion, Zombies and a Pig in Glasses

As the only boy in this group, Rio had any number of willing subjects to photograph.  This week was dressing up and disguise week, so the girls went to town….

Grace looking very studious…
Maybe a little too close – but I like the effect
Mmmm…Love Hearts…

CIMG5914 CIMG5918I love the different looks that Grace has adopted.

Even the pig in the large glasses got its own picture….

They say every picture tells a story, and this one certainly does…….Rio captured Bella and Georgia, the two self styled zombies, disappearing over the road, back towards the building.  It looks a bit desolate – but that suited the zombies, who were planning a staged car accident…..


A great action shot!

Look carefully for the hidden figures…..

CIMG5926 CIMG5925

I love the way the focus is on Emily’s dress in the foreground – and a great crop
At last, the zombies are caught and caged!


Great shots through the wire gates, Rio, well done!

Smoke and Zombies….Georgia Captures it All

Georgia turned into a weird and wonderful zombie creature this week…… a great finish to our three week workshop.  She and Bella got into some strange and very uncomfortable looking positions….. NB the car was stationary 🙂

Some interesting angles and some great crops, well done Georgia!


The close up of the hand tells a powerful tale
Cropping the head and feet really works with this strange image
I love the contrast between the straight yellow lines and the wild hair

IMG_0033 IMG_0029 IMG_0015 IMG_0008

Another crop that works really well…


Emily through the traffic cone
What a motley crew!

IMG_0021 IMG_0010 IMG_0009 IMG_0001

Grace Goes for a Different Look

This last week at Grange Park Children’s Centre was all about dressing up, looking and acting very, very silly……

Grace threw herself into the activity with selfies and shots from every angle!





I love the low angle shot of these two zombie like creatures…..

We had shots through holes,and smoke….



The poor cat wondered what was going on…..DSC01381

Claire and I didn’t escape unscathed!



I knew Claire always envied my purple hair 🙂


Emily’s Engaging Images From Week 1 at Grange Park.

Enthused with energy in the first week, Emilys snapped the excitement of the first weeks session as the group decided to stage a shot which would demonstrate a great deal of enthusiasm.

Using puddles to peer in to. It is as if we are standing on the shore of an ocean or river. I love the way she has captured the reflections and shadows.

Upside down selfies. Us looking back at Emily from a abstract view point. Ahhhhh and the blue of her eyes goes nicely with her coat.

Some lovely portrait work of me, a lovely doggy and Emily’s friend Harriet. Super composition and close up studies.

Branches and trees and grasses. Shapes and studies – muted shapes and colour. We are so looking forward to Whipper Snappers final Grange Park session with some very talented young photographers.

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